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PORTL Unveils the World’s First Tabletop Holographic Communication Device

The PORTL M was recognized for innovation in the Streaming category at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022.

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$ 2,000+

There was a time not too long ago when holographic communication devices were limited to the realm of science fiction. Now, though, PORTL is making science fiction reality with the release of the world’s first tabletop holographic communication and media device, PORTAL M (Mini). While other consumer products have utilized hologram technology in the past, the PORTL M is the first device to truly deliver the experience that one would expect from a holographic communication device, allowing users to communicate with their distant friends, family, and colleagues as if they were actually there standing in the room.

Best of all, the PORTL M is not just for long-distance communication. From viewing media in an exciting, lifelike format to conducting telemedicine visits with a remote physician to working out with a holographic personal trainer, the sky is the limit when it comes to what can be done using the PORTL M. While the PORTL M has not yet been officially released, PORTL is currently taking preorders for the device, allowing anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a holographic communication device to reserve their spot for one of the most innovative and futuristic devices you’ll find on the market today.

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