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Razer Zephyr Pro

Building On Zephyr’s Success, Razer Launches the Zephyr Pro

The Pro adds voice amplification technology so users can express themselves clearly while remaining protected.

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$ 150

Be prepared (and futuristic-looking) for any Covid-19 surge with the Razer Zephyr Pro. Why keep mountains of PPE and contribute to a massive carbon footprint when one can have a single mask that can do it all? The Zephyr Pro allows one to be heard clearly and breathe freely due to its award-winning concept. The replacement air filters offer daily protection and voice amplification and make wearing a mask that much easier. The mask is also transparent with integrated LED lighting that allows others to see the wearer’s facial expressions. Considering how accustomed people have become to wearing masks, the Razer Zephyr Pro is a stylish and eco-friendly alternative that is incredibly comfortable.

Even with this mask on, speech will no longer be muffled due to the Razer Zephyr Pro’s voice amplification technology. In comparison to standard cloth/disposable masks, the Razer Zephyr Pro offers significantly more protection. Razer says that the Zephyr Pro boasts a 99 percent BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency), four percent higher than disposable masks and 39 percent higher than standard cloth masks. It safeguards the wearer (and surrounding individuals) as it filters exhaled and inhaled oxygen. For comfortable breathing, the Zephyr Pro offers 2 adjustable fan modes to improve air circulation (6200/4200 RPM) within the mask. This function allows one to be comfortable while remaining safe.

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