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Razer Pro Click Mini, Pro Type Ultra, and Pro Glide XXL

Razer Releases Its Pro Range Work-Friendly Peripherals

The new Pro Range features multi-device wireless connectivity, extended battery life, and a quieter sound profile.

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Razer has just released its productivity suite, a combination of work performance tools that are crafted to “optimize your workspace and elevate your workday.” The suite includes the Pro Click Mini, the Pro Type Ultra, and the Pro Glide XXL, three products with best-in-class ergonomics in mind. The Razor Pro Click Mini is not your ordinary wireless mouse because it has a silent button ability that is made to withstand 15 million clicks. Plus, it has Bluetooth connectivity for up to three separate devices at a time with a 5G optical sensor for fast and precise work.

The wireless keyboard, the Razer Pro Type Ultra, is also very quiet with silent mechanical switches that can go for up to 80 million touches, has soft coated keycaps, 200 hours of battery charge, and a wrist rest made of supple leather that perfectly aligns to the keyboard to relieve pressure on the user’s wrist. A full desk-sized mouse pad, the Razer Pro Glide XXL, is crafted with a textured, micro-weave surface and an anti-slip rubber base that is meant to minimize fatigue while working by giving users a higher degree of mouse control for the task at hand.

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