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Keychron K14

Introducing The Keychron K14 70% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The K14 will feature Bluetooth connectivity and can connect up to three devices.

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K14 is the latest keyboard in the Keychron collection. This compact, 70 percent layout, wireless mechanical keyboard, offers direct access to the entire navigation cluster of a tenkeyless keyboard. But the Keychron K14 is 22 percent smaller. What’s more, it provides a customizable per-key typing experience with a hot-swappable option. Other compact keyboards may need to access navigation keys via a combination of keypresses. The company engineered it with Gateron and Keychron mechanical switches to provide a consistent, tactile response. Keychron promises mechanical switches with a firm and smooth typing feel. They aim to provide maximum flexibility for users to optimize the keyboard.

To that end, the Keychron K14 non-backlit and Gateron versions are compatible with almost all the 3pin and 5pin MX style mechanical switches on the market. The Keychron K14 can connect up to 3 devices wirelessly via the Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, enabling seamless multitasking. Not only that, but it is compatible with macOS and Windows and includes three keycaps each. That way, users can switch between operating systems easily. Additionally, this keyboard comes with a powerful 4000 mAh battery. Keychron has a proven track record and has successfully delivered Keychron models K1 through K8, and K12. The company is holding a Kickstarter campaign and plans to begin shipping the Keychron K14 beginning this December.

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