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Keychron K8

The Keychron K8 Elevates Your Typing Experience

The versatile tenkeyless wireless mechanical keyboard offers a hot-swappable option.

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Everyone loves their tablet these days, but few people are actually satisfied with the virtual keyboard that it comes with. Sure, it’s good for a quick email or a pithy tweet. But if you need to get some serious work done, this is maybe the one area where most tablets are woefully inadequate — until now.

Meet the Keychron K8: the versatile, 87-key tenkeyless wireless keyboard that you never realized you needed but soon won’t be able to live without. It can connect to up to three devices using the latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology. It also incorporates a USB-C port to wire into hardware to save battery life. Keychron incorporates hot-swappable keys to effortlessly replace them without the need for any additional tools. It’s the perfect keyboard for home, office, and even light gaming use thanks to its ultra-low latency. From its ergonomic layout to its backlit keyboard, the K8 brings joy to typing on any device.