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Keychron V5 Max

Experience Unrivaled Typing With The Keychron V5 Max Keyboard Review

A versatile keyboard that caters to gamers and office professionals.

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$ 99

The Keychron V5 Max is a keyboard that caters to the needs of gamers, office professionals, and keyboard enthusiasts alike, delivering a top-tier typing and gaming experience with a sleek and modern design.

At the core of its specifications, the V5 Max boasts a compact yet highly functional 96% layout. Its support for QMK/VIA allows users to customize key mappings and macros, giving them the power to tailor their typing experience to their exact preferences. The addition of a versatile knob enhances convenience by providing easy control over volume, brightness, and more, all without the need for soldering thanks to its hot-swappable design.

Crafted with precision, the V5 Max combines a modern aesthetic with durability. Its ABS plastic housing exudes premium quality while following the familiar ANSI layout, ensuring comfort for users. Ergonomically designed, it minimizes strain and maximizes typing comfort, making it perfect for extended use.

What sets the V5 Max apart is its wireless connectivity, utilizing Bluetooth technology for seamless connections to multiple devices. USB-C wired connectivity ensures stability when needed. Programmability is a strong suit, with customizable backlighting, key remapping, and macro creation, all supported by QMK/VIA. Moreover, the keyboard offers USB pass-through, media controls, and unique design elements that add a dash of style and individuality. With its exceptional build quality and a price point of $99, the Keychron V5 Max is a standout choice for those seeking a superior keyboard experience.

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