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Ghost Pacer

Introduce Augmented Reality Into Your Workout With Ghost Pacer

Augmented reality creates a holographic running partner that you can run with or set as a target to catch up to increase your performance.

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Pushing yourself to the limit is no simple task. From depending on your friends to hiring a personal trainer for accountability and motivation, it can be easy to feel let down or pricey to keep up. The Ghost Pacer is here to be that perfect workout partner to take your performance to the next level. This holographic running partner will become a personalized figure that you not only can run with, but you can push yourself to catch up to. It’s the perfect way to give you that little extra kick in the backside, because if you want to beat it you’ll need to move faster.

Ghost Pacer is essentially an augmented reality experience brought to your workout regimen. When paired with the provided glasses the VR hologram will appear in front of you. You’ll still be able to see everything else around you. It’s just the Ghost Pacer will be there as well. You will have the ability to set the pace and then adjust it when necessary to better fit your training needs.