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Vipp Swivel Chair Monti Edition

Vipp Unveils The New Swivel Chair Monti Edition

A chair that can easily double as a dining chair or an office chair.

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$ 1,550

Vipp has been designing and manufacturing timeless furniture and home products since 1939. The best way to view the Copenhagen-based company’s products is not in a brick-and-mortar store or online. It’s by visiting one of Vipp’s unique rooms and houses placed in desirable destinations throughout Europe. The Vipp Palazzo Monti pop-up hotel is the latest addition to the company’s collection of locales.

At the Vipp Palazzo Monti, guests will find the Vipp Swivel Chair Monti Edition, with its rich Italian woven textile from Torri Lana. The chair combines the concepts of Scandinavian minimalism and Baroque extravagance for a seat that’s comfortable, elegant, and eye-catching.

The main attractions include the ultra-comfortable seat, padded backrest, slim armrests, and four-leg polished aluminum base with gliders. The Vipp Swivel Chair Monti Edition smoothly rotates 360 degrees.

Designed for the Palazzo Monti, the Swivel Chair Monti Edition won’t be found in many homes. It’s a limited edition of the popular Vipp Swivel with a unique textile that suits the Palazzo Monti and other fashion-forward homes.

Vipp describes an experience at the Vipp Palazzo Monti as similar to stepping into a painting, and the Swivel Chair Monti Edition is part of what makes it complete. The chair will be available in select stores for $1,550 starting this month.

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