The Bugatti W16 Coupe ‘Rembrandt’

An Ambitious Concept Car, Even For Bugatti

The most expensive and elite of Bugatti’s concept cars, the Rembrandt’s price tag would top $20 million.

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The Bugatti W16 Coupe ‘Rembrandt’ is an ambitious concept car featuring an 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo front-engined GT. The most expensive and elite of Bugatti’s concept cars —  even more so than the Bugatti Veyron Barchetta Concept and Bugatti Atlantic Concept — the price tag would top $20 million. The ‘Rembrandt’ was designed to top out the Bugatti family if it ever reached the build phase. One look at the ethereal aesthetic of this car’s exterior makes it easy to see why it was given its namesake. The hypercar concept aims to ascend to the pinnacle of automotive excellence with engineering that captures the same mastery exhibited in the Dutch Master’s paintings.

In addition to its engine —  which was slated to have close to 1,500 horsepower —  the fact that it would have only bespoke parts drove the price of the ‘Rembrandt’ upwards. Some styling elements were also borrowed from other Bugatti concept or one-off cars, such as the Veyron Barchetta headlights and the La Voiture Noire LED taillights.