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The Bro Basket Golfer’s Delight

What golfers really want.

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Golfers are a difficult bunch to buy gifts for. They already have a life-time supply of golf balls to lose in a lake and enough novelty golf club covers that they’ll eventually have to wear them as socks just to get rid of them. The Bro Basket makes shopping for these people much easier, thanks to a nifty gift set they’ve put together.

The Bro Basket Golfer’s Delight is a collection of items that golfers really want. The items are meant to be used out on the course, ranging from golf necessities like a black golf towel with bag clip, golf tees, and Callaway golf balls to items that will appease the inner alcoholic in most golfers like a 750ml bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch, set of Whiskey Stones, and some glasses for your drink. You also get some munchies like KIND Fruit & Nut bars and a pack of beef jerky, and for some post-game relaxation, Nicaraguan cigars, Spanish cedar-lined leather cigar case, a triple torch lighter, and a cigar cutter. The Bro Basket even throws in a DivPro, the ultimate multi-purpose tool for golfers.