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Grovemade Wooden Speakers

Grovemade Wooden Speakers

Gorgeous wooden speakers from Grovemade are simply stunning.

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Govemade makes excellent products with an emphasis on carefully selected high quality materials. Their favorite has always been wood, and once again they surprise us by applying their favorite material to a set of stunning speakers.

With some help from industrial designer Joey Roth to tap into his experience in audio design, Grovemade introduces a set of Wooden Speakers made with maple or walnut crafted in Oregon. Combined with Roth’s input and Grovemade’s expertise in crafting excellent products in wood, they were able to create two authentic pairs of speakers that took advantage of its material. The wooden enclosure has no parallel walls or flat internal surfaces, eliminating distortion created by standing waves, while the back-loaded horn design reinforces the bass design. The resulting speakers are stunning and should be the focal point of any room, both visually and aurally.