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Lifecard – The World’s Thinnest Powerbank

World’s thinnest powerbank fits in your wallet like a credit card.

With so much of our social and work life crammed into our smart phone, it seems like our phone is constantly running on low battery. Although we carry a separate powerbank for emergencies, we often find that it’s usually when we forget to bring our powerbank that we need it the most.

Lifecard is the world’s thinnest powerbank that will give you that extra power when you most need it. To be truly useful on the go, it needs to be thin and light and the Lifecard fits nicely into your wallet like a credit card, so it’s right at your fingertips when you need it most. The 1500mAH battery can charge up to 80% of your iPhone. So keep it in your wallet like a credit card and go on with your life; you’ll be glad you did when you see that dreaded low battery symbol on your phone.