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Solento’s Blanco Tequila Is Made From 100% Organic Blue Agave

This tequila is made in small batches on a single estate using ripe 7-year-old blue agaves.

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San Diego-based Solento has released its Organic Blanco Tequila, which is crafted in Mexico. Solento has partnered with the award-winning distillery Las Americas in Jalisco to produce its tequila line. The distillery is run by the Montes family who has been producing small batches of tequila for over 60 years. They practice a production process that respects the environment: harvesting sustainably maintained, organic, blue agave. The Montes family jimadors are meticulous in their technique, adopting a quality over quantity model from start to finish. When cutting into the agave, they cut out as much of the bitter stem as possible to protect the naturally sweet and smooth flavor profile found in this tequila. The agave is then cooked in brick ovens, extracted using a roller mill, fermented in the open air, and double distilled. Finally, the remains of the agave are used to fertilize the fields and will always replant at a minimum rate of 1:1.

The USDA Certified Organic Solento Blanco Tequila has an aroma that evokes lemon trees and vanilla beans with a taste that is smooth and clean, finishing with just a hint of lemon peel. The distiller credits the relatively sweeter notes of this tequila to its being grown at a high elevation, as well as the rigorous agave stem removal process. The beverage was the proud recipient of the Double Gold award at the 2019 SIP Awards, as well as a Silver Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the same year.

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