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Sennheiser IE 300

Sennheiser Announces Its New IE 300 Premium Wired Earbuds For Audiophiles

Sennheiser produces the IE 300 transducers at its headquarters in Germany to ensure strict quality control of its proprietary technology.

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$ 300

For 75 years, Sennheiser has been producing high-quality audio products used the world over. The company has announced the upcoming release of its new IE 300 wired earbuds that feature an innovative and unique acoustic resonator design. Inside is a 7mm dynamic driver that is a refinement of their notable extra-wide band transducer. The IE 300 have an optimized membrane foil that minimizes natural resonances and cuts total harmonic distortion. Unwanted resonance is dampened via acoustic absorbers or resonator chambers. These chambers allow for more precise tuning, which audiophiles will appreciate.

Sennheiser has really focused on developing the perfect listener experience with this in-earphone, ensuring that vibrations and sound distortions are not only minimized but virtually non-existent. As far as looks are concerned, the IE 300 is definitely low-profile and readily transportable. The package comes with a sturdy carry case to keep them clean and protected from damage. Comfort is also a high priority and Sennheiser doesn’t disappoint. The IE 300 has adjustable flexible ear hooks and comes with three sizes of silicone ear tips, as well as three sizes of memory foam ear tips. The earbuds will be available for purchase in March.

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