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ROKA Matador Air

ROKA Releases Its New Ventilated Matador Air With Enhanced Visibility

The ROKA Matador Air has been field tested in the harshest conditions at the toughest races on the planet.

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$ 225

Austin, Texas-based ROKA has just announced the launch of the ROKA Matador Air eyewear that has been designed for increased airflow, to counteract hot, humid conditions. These glasses have also been field-tested in the harshest conditions at the toughest races on the planet. The seven-base cylindrical lenses of the ROKA Matador Air allow for the sharpest optics on the planet, providing zero distortion no matter the head position. They are also unbelievably lightweight, with airy 25g glass, which gives the eyewear a lightweight feel without compromising on durability, strength, and optics.

Another benefit of the ROKA Matador Air eyewear is the overall maximum ventilation. This semi-rimless design eliminates the excess material on the inside of the frame, which leads to improved airflow and reduced weight at all speeds. Available in a black frame with a gold mirror lens, this model is ideal for sunny and slightly overcast conditions. These sunglasses will increase contrast on roads and trails, and enhance green and yellow colors. Also available in a white frame with a blue lens, the glasses offer an extremely versatile high-contrast lens that is great for partly cloudy to bright and sunny conditions. The final option is a lens in a rose hue which makes white road lines, baseballs, and golf balls more visible.

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