ROKA Austin Collection

ROKA celebrates its Austin roots with a collection of eyeglasses inspired by the Austin lifestyle.

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$ 195

The Austin-based high-performance accessory and gear company ROKA has come a long way since its 2011 formation in a humble garage. At the same time, however, ROKA has remained firmly entrenched in its Austin roots. Take a look at the new ROKA Austin Collection, the inspiration for which came directly from the entrepreneurs and athletes in Austin and the lifestyles they lead.

Optimized for everyday use, the ROKA Austin Collection includes many of the high-performance features that have made ROKA sunglasses the favorites of many athletes, including slip-resistant Geko pads and interchangeable nose-pieces that will precisely fit everything from a diminutive button nose to an enormous schnozzle. The ROKA Austin Collection is also extremely lightweight and highly resistant to sweat, chemicals, and fingerprint smudges. (In case you aren’t in Austin, the collection is available for home try-on via mail order around the world.)