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Praga ZS 800

Praga ZS 800 Is A Retro Chrome Molybdenum Steel Horse

Each bike required over 300 hours of labor to create.

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$ 92,260

The Praga name dates back to the dawn of the 20th century as a pre-WWI Czechoslovakian manufacturer. Fast forward about 100 years, and Praga’s focus has been on high-end supercars. But, recently Praga has unveiled a limited edition premium motorcycle inspired by a century-old model dubbed the Praga ZS 800

This new, beautifully designed Praga ZS 800 is based on the 1929 BD 500 motorcycle. Powered by a Kawasaki W800 sourced air-cooled 773cc parallel-twin engine featuring bevel-driven cams with a custom intake to produce 52 horsepower and 48 lb.-ft of torque. However, the bike’s chrome molybdenum steel frame makes it stand out as a rolling work of art.

In addition, the Praga ZS 800 features an integrated three-gallon fuel cell that also serves as part of the bike’s structure. According to Praga, each motorcycle requires over 300 hours of machining to be brought to life. Other features on the bike include a custom-milled girder fork and forged carbon wheels with carbon-tensioned spokes. Stopping power is applied using integrated hydraulic drum brakes front and rear. In addition, the Praga ZS 800 front and rear adjustable suspension are handled by Ohlins TTX22 shock at the front and Ohlins mono-shock at the rear with a titanium spring.

The Praga ZS 800 vintage flare is complimented with a retro-styled spring-loaded seat with a forged carbon bottom cover, a circular LED headlamp, and antique-inspired custom front and rear fenders. The cherry on top is a full titanium exhaust system and a 3D-printed rear luggage rack. Only 28 examples of the Praga ZS 800 are available for the worldwide market.

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