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Peugeot eF01

Peugeot eF01 Electric Folding Bicycle

Peugeot Design Lab introduces an electric folding bicycle to make multimodal travel smooth and easy.

Electrically assisted bikes are gaining momentum these days, as people seek alternative methods of transportation within the city. Peugeot introduces the Peugeot eF01, an electrically-assisted folding bicycle set to debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show, to alleviate the struggles of inner-city commute.

The Peugeot eF01 electric folding bicycle is the brainchild of the Peugeot Design Lab, aimed at creating a bicycle that makes multimodal travel smooth and easy. It features an innovative folding solution that can be folded/unfolded in 10 seconds with just three easy steps. When folded, the bike’s wheels are perfect aligned to allow the user to effortlessly walk with the bike using the handle built into the frame. When unfolded, it’s powered by a small lithium-ion battery with a range of 19 miles and a top speed of 12 mph. Meant to compliment your vehicle, the bike can be charged in the trunk of your car via its 12-volt power outlet or at home using a normal household plug in approximately two hours. Sales will start in the first half of 2017 at Peugeot dealers and CycleEurope stores.