Genesis Mint Concept

Genesis Mint Concept

Genesis reveals its electric solution to meet the challenges and needs of city life at the New York Auto Show.

Billed by Genesis as “the electric luxury city car,” the new Genesis Mint Concept made it debut this week at the New York Auto Show. In addition to its incredibly compact design (think easy parking) and high degree of maneuverability (think quick lane changes), the Mint promises an “exhilarating” driving experience that “blends seamlessly with the rhythm of the city.”

Although it has the styling of a hatchback, the rear storage area of the Mint opens using scissor-style doors that recall luxury sports cars such as the Lamborghini. The Mint’s front end also reflects a decidedly sporty design approach with exceptional aerodynamics and a small branded crest grille.

Does the Mint’s performance standards match its exceptional form? Genesis has yet to release many details on this subject. However, the Mint does feature a high-density battery pack with a 350-kilowatt fast recharging system that can propel the vehicle approximately 200 miles on a single charge.

The Genesis Mint Concept most likely won’t go into production, but Genesis assures its customers that elements from the concept will soon make it into its production vehicles.