BMW Concept iX3

BMW Concept iX3

The newly unveiled Concept iX3 previews a new chapter of all-electric performance from BMW.

Unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, BMW introduces their new Concept iX3.

Based on the redesigned X3, the electrified crossover — or Sports Activity Vehicle in BMW talk — previews what could very well be a production-ready version. The electric powertrain delivers 270 hp, and with a 70-kWh battery promises a range of 249 miles.

With most vents and intakes closed off, the Concept iX3 adopts a streamlined and futuristic appearance compared to its fossil fuel burning brethren. The electric vehicle also wears BMW’s new grille design, which strangely enough is very reminiscent of Kia’s tiger-nose grille.

Already slated to go into production through a joint venture with Brilliance Automotive, the BMW Concept iX3 will bridge the gap between dedicated electric vehicles like the i3 and i8 with BMW’s more traditional vehicles.