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Waydoo Flyer eFoil

With a 6,000-watt brushless motor and a super-light carbon fiber body, this electric board lets you glide over water effortlessly at 22 mph.

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Waydoo founder and surfer Dennis Zhu wanted to bring the joy of his favorite sport to inland regions without access to large ocean waves. Exceedingly easy to operate when compared to other foiling equipment on the market, the fully electric-powered Waydoo Flyer eFoil allows almost anyone to glide above the surface of virtually any calm body of water by hopping on and pressing a wireless handheld controller. (In fact, Waydoo builds different models of the Flyer eFoil to meet the specific needs and demands of both novices and experts.)

Thanks to its 6,000-watt brushless motor and its super-light carbon fiber body, the Waydoo Flyer eFoil can travel over water at a top speed of 22 mph. This board operates for a full hour on a single charge and disassembles into two component parts for convenient transport and storage.