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Nomad Thermoformed Wallets

Nomad Introduces Its Thermoformed Wallets Made With Horween Leather

This latest release of three wallets offers something for everyone — from minimalist to traditionalist.

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Nomad has launched the Nomad Thermoformed Wallets, a new series of three wallets, which, as the name suggests, are made with thermoformed leather. This new manufacturing technique involves using the brand’s signature Horween leather that is bonded to a thin layer of reinforcing fabric and then molded into shape using intense heat and pressure. This thermoforming process creates space to store users’ cards without requiring the leather to stretch out, keeping their cards securely in place and their wallet looking new for longer. These three new wallets will fit just about any personality type — from the minimalist to the traditionalist.

For those who prefer to keep things pared down, the Nomad Card Wallet has a slim design with three external card slots and one large middle cavity, the Card Wallet can easily store 10 cards for daily use. Two die-cut pockets eliminate any overlapping leather to reduce thickness while the opposite side features a quick access pocket to easily grab your most used card. Nomad’s Card Wallet Plus offers a bit more versatility than its smaller sibling in that it was built with three dedicated card slots, two deep pockets for cards or folded bills, and an external quick access slot. Using die-cut card slots to reduce the amount of overlapping leather, the end result is a slimmer wallet.

Finally, the Nomad Bifold wallet is designed for maximum storage capacity. The Bifold Wallet’s large central opening fits unfolded bills and has a hidden pocket for secure card storage. For easy card access, there are six interior pockets and one quick access external pocket. Nomad is also offering its Card for AirTag which seamlessly integrates Apple’s powerful location tracking in a form factor convenient for your wallet. The Card securely holds the AirTag in a snap-in enclosure with a uniform shape to prevent an unsightly bump in the user’s wallet.

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