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Native Union Belt Cable Duo

Sync And Charge All Your Devices With Native Union’s Belt Cable Duo

This is Native Union’s first ever Lightning and USB-C dual-head cable.

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$ 50

Beauty meets functionality in the Native Union Belt Cable Duo. Whether you need a USB-C or Lightning connector, you’ll find it in this leveled-up cable. Its unique design boasts a single head that houses both types of connectors and supports high-speed power delivery, charging up to 60W for Type-C laptops and speed-charging your iPhone up to 50% in 30 minutes. Its patented Slide Lock technology allows users to quickly and safely switch between connectors so that you can charge two separate devices with a single power source.

With its cutting-edge eco-friendly construction using recycled PET, TPU, TPE, and leather, this 5-foot cable is as responsible as it is beautiful. It’s also incredibly durable, allowing you to upgrade your rubber-coated power cord for one that employs reinforced braiding and an ultra-strong aramid fiber core. With its recycled bonded leather strap, this cord is attractive and functional — and is designed to remain tangle-free.

The Native Union Belt Cable Duo is an Apple MFi-certified connector, so all i-devices can charge seamlessly. Built to withstand all-day use, the cable is the only one you’ll need – whether working from home or traipsing the globe. The minimalist design and absolute functionality make this cable the ideal work-play companion. Available in Zebra, Cosmos, and Kraft hues, the Native Union Belt Cable Duo is priced at $50.

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