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Movano Enters The Wearables Space With The Movano Ring

The ring will be packed with fitness sensors tracking activity, sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen, and other metrics.

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Movano Inc. is a health technology company that recently introduced its first simple, smart, and personalized product, the Movano Ring. The tech startup says it designed the Movano Ring to provide users with accurate real-time data on sleep, heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, and more. The ring is fashionable and comfortable while it monitors respiration, steps, and calories.

This wearable health device also records essential data for the user’s medical records. The Movano Ring can even track exercise and improvement in heart health over time. Movano currently offers the ring in various styles and colors, including black, copper, silver, and gold. Right now, there is one sleek design. However, Movano says they will eventually offer various form factors, as well.

The Movano Ring has an easy-to-use companion app that captures the user’s body’s signals and transforms them into accessible, actionable information. It empowers users to make connections between cause and effect. Plus, it helps them advocate for their health and recognize patterns. Essentially, users can access information that will help them consider exercise, sleep, and other changes that could have a significant impact on their short and long-term health. The Movano Ring will be available through a beta release in the second half of 2022.

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