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McIntosh MDA200

McIntosh Launches Its New MDA200 D/A Converter

The MDA200 offers support for hi-res PCM, DSD, 7 digital inputs, and future upgrades.

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$ 4,000

Breathe new life into an older sound system with the new McIntosh MDA200. This D/A converter offers premium digital sound quality, transforming an all-analog home audio system into a high-quality acoustic experience for home theaters. Listeners will love the precise sounds and incredible adaptability of this multi-functional, easy-to-use D/A converter. The McIntosh MDA200 can work easily as a stand-alone converter pairing with various audio devices and systems of different ages and sizes.

The MDA200 is packed with input options, making it compatible with existing audio devices. Users can couple their existing speakers easily using the two coaxial, two optical, 1 USB, and 1MCT ports. The McIntosh MDA200 also has an HDMI Audio Return Channel connection which can transform any standard television into a virtual home theater experience. An incredible 8-channel, 32-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter with next-generation Quad Balanced technology powers the converter. Enjoy high-resolution sound quality up to DSD512 and DXD up to 384kHz. Connecting the MDA200 is easy using the existing system’s preamplifier or integrated amplifier. The McIntosh MDA200 has balanced and unbalanced analog ports and balanced and unbalanced cables available to make seamless connections.

While undoubtedly powerful, the McIntosh MDA200 D/A converter also looks stylish with the trademark McIntosh design, including an illuminated logo, black glass faceplate, and rotary control knobs. Currently available for purchase, the McIntosh MDA200 is only available from authorized retailers around the country.

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