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McIntosh MA12000

The McIntosh MA12000 Is The Amplifier Of Your Dreams

The MA12000 offers up a tempting blend of warm analog sound and cutting-edge tech.

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$ 14,000

The newly-released McIntosh MA12000 is the company’s most powerful amplifier, featuring a hybrid design that works with digital and analog outputs. The MA12000 generates 350 watts in both channels, which is 50 watts more than its high-powered MA9000 amp. The MA12000 is old-school cool with four green, glowing 12AX7A vacuum tubes in its preamp (two per channel) and a solid-state power amp. There are 17 inputs on the MA12000 — 10 analog and 7 digital (including coaxial, USB, HDMI and MCT). The two phono inputs make it possible to fine-tune your turntables for the output you desire. McIntosh’s Autoformer tech ensures your speakers can receive all 350 watts regardless of their impedance.

The McIntosh design is gorgeous, filled with glass panels and enclosures that give the blue and green glow a modern feel. Other features include output signal monitoring, fuse-less short-circuit protection, seamless integration with home theater systems and heatsinks to keep the MA12000 cool. Any audiophile fortunate to own this unique amplifier will be able to create their own audio experience and truly live their music.