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Eagle Lightweight GT

The Jaguar Eagle Lightweight GT Improves on Perfection

The Eagle Lightweight GT is a stunning piece of engineering priced for the one percent of car enthusiasts.

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Jaguar debuted the E-type at the Geneva auto show in 1961. That same year the Jaguar E-type became part of the Museum of Modern Art’s collection and has been there since. It is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. With a reputation like that one can argue that the Jaguar E-type is many people’s example of perfection. As the saying goes, “you can’t improve on perfection”. The master engineers at Eagle are clearly unfamiliar with this aphorism. They are amongst the few that have done the seemingly impossible in improving an ionic classic with the Jaguar Eagle Lightweight GT.

This is a reengineering of Jaguar’s famous 1963 factory Lightweight E-type racer. What Eagle does is take a regular Jaguar E-type and painstakingly rebuilds it into a Lightweight special. That means replacing every panel with lightweight modern grade aluminum. The entire process takes 2500 hours done by master craftsmen. The heart of the Lightweight is a 4.7-liter straight six aluminum Jaguar XK engine delivering a nostalgic 380 horsepower and 375 pound feet of torque. This Jag is light, beautiful, fast, and when you get these three together it usually means one thing – it’s expensive. Pricing for the Eagle Lightweight GT has not been released but it is safe to assume it’s a seven figure car if not close to it.