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‘9600 HP’ Collector’s Edition by Porter Press International

‘9600 HP – The Story Of The World’s Oldest E-Type Jaguar’

The 9600 HP is the only remaining prototype and is the oldest surviving Jaguar E-type.

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9600 HP – THE STORY OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST E-TYPE JAGUAR is part of the Porter Press International series of books highlighting the Amalgam Collection, signed by Philip Porter and Ian Callum CBE, Jaguar’s former Director of Design. Hand-bound in grey leather with a foiled, debossed Jaguar graphic featuring the famous number plate in white on black leather, the 9600 HP Collector’s Edition reflects Jaguar’s timeless style. The 320-page volume boasts over 500 images and a slipcase for storage. Porter covers topics including ‘prototype number 7’s’ starring role in developing the Jaguar E-type and the 1961 launch in Geneva. Porter Press is known for quality books with well-researched information and in-depth documentation. 9600 HP Collector’s Edition takes a deep dive into the design, development, and Jaguar history.

Philip Porter has a personal passion and extensive classic car knowledge. He and his incredible network of experts and insiders collaborate to create engaging, informative, and collectible reference books. He is the author of over 30 motoring books to date, including motor racing books with co-authors Sir Stirling Moss, Murray Walker, and Martin Brundle. Porter established Porter Press International in 2005 and is now one of the world’s leading motoring publishers. Collectors can register their interest in purchasing a 9600 HP Collector’s Edition by Porter Press International on the Amalgam Collection website.

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