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Yachts: The Impossible Collection by Assouline

‘Yachts: The Impossible Collection’ By Assouline

A unique take on superyacht history in this beautifully curated coffee table book.

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Since its founding in the mid-1990s, luxury publishing house Assouline has developed the well-earned reputation of being the cultural authority on luxury lifestyle with its wide-ranging books on design, architecture, jewelry, travel, and food and drink, to name just a few. One of its more recent publications is Yachts: The Impossible Collection by Assouline, an addition to the brand’s Ultimate Collection coffee table book range. This anthology has been carefully curated by Miriam Cain, a U.K.-based luxury journalist, and editor, who has specialized in the superyacht industry for two decades. Cain is currently the editor for the yachting and lifestyle publication Navigator, and she also contributes to a variety of international yachting publications as a freelance journalist.

Comprised of 236 pages and 200 bold illustrations, Yachts: The Impossible Collection is a visually captivating compilation that covers everything from high-tech mega yachts to unique and daring designs that have managed to reexamine yachting. To gain a glimpse of the fascinating contents of this book, Assouline states on its website, “Since time immemorial, monarchs, nobility and the aristocracy have yearned to spend their leisure time on the water. From Cleopatra’s fabled luxury barge to Her Majesty’s Royal Yacht Britannia, from elegant Jazz Age vessels such as Nahlin, once chartered by King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, to the swinging ’60s Hollywood royalty invited aboard Aristotle Onassis’ Christina O, the yachting scene has always attracted celebrities, high society, and the top 0.1%.” Furthermore, Yachts: The Impossible Collection also considers how modern movements have led to more green technology, making today’s vessels more environmentally friendly and sustainable than ever before. Each purchase from Assouline’s Ultimate Collection comes with complimentary white gloves and a signature canvas tote bag.

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