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Amalgam Race Weathered Ferrari 250 GTO 1:18 Scale

Amalgam Collection’s Latest 1:18 Model Is A Race-Weathered Le Mans Winning Ferrari 250 GTO

Both a space saver and a bargain compared to owning a real one.

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$ 1,571

Amalgam Collection has unveiled the latest addition to its race-weathered scale model car series – a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. Today, the Ferrari 250 GTO sits comfortably as one of the most valuable collector cars globally, with auction prices skyrocketing to over 30 million dollars depending on the car’s options and racing history. Thankfully, Amalgam Collection offers a scaled-down, more cost-effective experience with a 1:18 Scale Race-Weathered Ferrari 250 GTO.

This particular Ferrari 250 scale model is based on the 3705GT chassis that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1962. Like the original, the scale model wears the number 19 in homage to the car that won the International Championship of Manufacturers with five consecutive wins that same year. As with every Ferrari model Amalgam Collection produces, each one takes over 800 hours to craft. Details and dimensions for the model were obtained by scanning an actual Series 1 250 GTO. Ferrari must then inspect each completed model for final approval.

The Amalgam Collection Race-Weathered Ferrari 250 GTO is a limited edition with only 250 models available. However, Amalgam has stated that the first 100 examples can be reserved in December by ordering from their website. The scale model comes with a high-quality print of the Ferrari 250 at Le Mans during a pit stop and image selected by Amalgam Collection.

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