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Hangover Cup

Hundred Million Hangover Cup

Hundred Million's spill-proof, 1 liter sippy cup will cure your hangovers.

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It’s finally the end of the week. It was a long journey to get to Friday, but you were able to get through the week with flying colors and it’s time for a much deserved night out. If we’ve learned anything from history, it’s that whenever we mix a week’s worth of stress, exhaustion, and alcohol, the end results are never pleasurable the next morning.

Keeping our bodies hydrated after heavy drinking is important while our livers deal with all the toxins, but at an altered state of mind and with so much pain, it can be difficult to even get a cup of water. No need to worry now as the Hangover Cup is here, by Hundred Million. It takes on a timelessly classic shape that has been perfected by tiny beverage enthusiasts over decades, with the final design being that of a large sippy cup. So no need to worry about your ham fisted self spilling all the precious water; just enjoy the refreshing hydration your body desperately needs like toddlers do, and everything will be fine.