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Eight360 NOVA

The Eight360 NOVA Offers An Immersive VR Experience

Eight360 NOVA already hosts a suite of different simulations and games, made much more realistic by its immersive apparatus.

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With virtual reality, you can travel anywhere you want, be anyone you want, and do anything you want. Every experience can be at your fingertips with this immersive, era-defining technology. But to fully experience some environments and situations, you need so much more than just a headset and some hand controllers. For that, meet the Eight360 NOVA. The NOVA platform is a fully immersive, 360-degree configuration that allows you to move in all directions as the equipment brought to you by a team of visionary engineers.

The Eight360 NOVA is being utilized to showcase a series of VR simulations, like allowing you to sit in the cockpit of an F16 or any other fighter jet to experience what it’s like to fly, simulate the experience of a rollercoaster, and do so much more. The simulator makes it possible to not only perform out-of-this-world tasks on your own, but it also enables engineers and other real-world professionals to train while mitigating risk. It’s a cost-effective and safe method that allows advanced professional-level training without putting the trainee in danger.