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Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker

Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker

The future of audiophile-grade wireless speaker is here.

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Not all speakers are created equal, especially when your compare wired speakers to wireless ones. The convenient and hassle free experience of not having to deal with wires are nice, but it has always come at the detriment of sound quality.

While other speaker manufacturers were focusing on portable wireless speakers that’s not affected by the decreased sound quality, Devialet seems to have cracked the secret formula some how with their Phantom Wireless Speaker. Dubbed the king of all wireless speakers, this monster of a speaker can sync with 24 other Phantoms, thanks to the Dialog hub. Two versions of the speaker are available, a low output 750W Phantom and the high output 3000W Phantom Silver, costing $1,990 USD and $2,390 USD respectively, a price tag that reflects Devialet’s reputation of confidence. Not only are the speakers beautiful, the HBI woofers fluttering like a pair of wings is also a sight to see when in action.

The price tag may scare off some casual listeners and die hard audiophiles will most likely stick to their wired setup, but the Devialet Phantom demonstrates that the future of high end wireless audio is here today.