Ca l'Amo by Marià Castelló Architecture

Take A Tour Of A Modern Ibiza Retreat

Ca l’Amo by Marià Castelló Architecture is a modern Spanish home nestled deep into the island of Ibiza with plenty of room for guests.

Few destinations are as picturesque as Ibiza. The Spanish island is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations and Ca l’Amo by Marià Castelló Architecture makes it even harder to find a reason to leave. The stunning residence is built on a 139,058 square foot plot situated on the San Mateo plain of the island’s north end. The home’s design assimilates five different living arrangements built to suit starkly different needs into one welcoming environment. Three of the five areas are made to accommodate a large family, with ample area for everything from living space to room for play.

The fourth living arrangement marks a transition from the rest of the home. That area nestles guests into the warm Mediterranean breeze by providing a patio with a roof. The refreshing shade and open environment allow an easy escape from the summer sun while still connecting residents to the sounds of nature the home is enveloped by. A pool separating that space from a separate annex that acts as a guest house for travelers with private access ties everything together.