Bose Frames Audio Augmented Reality Sunglasses

Bose releases sunglasses that contain speakers to deliver premium sound that 's inaudible to others.

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Enjoy your music on the go? From super hi-fi over-ear headphones to sleek wireless earbuds, you probably think that you’ve seen everything when it comes to consumer earphone technology. Why, we’ve featured products that use the science of sonic vibration to turn your existing bike helmet and even your finger into a Bluetooth-connected personal speaker.

Well, leave it to Bose to take something that you need and wear anyway into a revolutionary way to listen to music and other audio from your favorite digital device. The Bose Frames Audio Augmented Reality Sunglasses contain tiny speakers to deliver premium, clear, and strong sound that others can barely hear. Plus, with a built-in microphone, you’ll be able to return phone calls and engage voice-activated controls while keeping your hands entirely free.