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The Bosch FreshUp Offers A Way To Instantly Remove Odors From Clothing

This portable device uses room-temperature plasma to break down the molecules responsible for the odors in dirty clothes.

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$ 222

File this under “where has this been all of our lives?” Bosch FreshUp is an actual game-changer. The compact device, which Bosch dubs a “textile refresher,” is the ultimate in on-the-go convenience. It is designed to quickly and efficiently eliminate odors from clothing — without using any unwanted chemicals to get the job done. It is all thanks to Bosch Plasma Technology, which releases active particles onto the fabric to break down the molecules responsible for those unwanted aromas. The genius of the product is in its chemical-free design. Forget about harsh ingredients potentially damaging your garments. The Bosch FreshUp claims to provide top-level results with minimal effort.

The FreshUp is incredibly easy to use: simply switch it on, press the activation bar onto the fabric of your choosing, and wipe to release the particles. As they make contact with the material, they remove the odors for good. It’s the perfect choice for those clothes that don’t necessarily need to be tossed in the washing machine just yet but could use a little refreshing. It is ideal for travelers who can’t wash their clothing on the go, or for those garments that end up draped over the back of a chair for just a little too long. Use it on sensitive pieces that you don’t necessarily want to dry clean either. Bosch is crowdfunding the FreshUp on Indiegogo as it provides the brand a “great opportunity to get even closer to our consumers.” It will be available initially in Germany, Austria, and the U.K.

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