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Free Fly Slub Hoodie Featuring Breathable Bamboo Fabric

A hoodie that can be worn year-round and can go anywhere.

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$ 70

It is there in the details: technicality, flexibility, form, and fashion. The Free Fly Bamboo Slub Hoodie was developed with the prevailing ethos that both comfort and style can peacefully coexist. Couple that with a keen understanding that Free Fly Apparel is all about embracing adventure. Think of it as low-key cool with a twist, thanks to its multiple color varieties and understated appearance. The star of the show is the lightweight, breathable bamboo fabric, which allows skin to stay fresh and cool no matter what the weather might bring. Since it dries quickly thanks to its moisture-wicking technology, no amount of perspiration stands a chance — even under the blazing sun. Bamboo is a naturally cooling material, too, making this a practical option for a balmy summer day. A hint of polyester is worked into the fabric for additional durability.

A clean and modern fit of this hoodie makes it the ultimate companion for anything from well-worn board shorts to crisp-cut chinos. Canvas drawstrings cinch taut to secure the right fit around the neck, while a crossover hood provides ample protection from sun, wind, and wet weather. It’s also odor-resistant, so those explorers can dig deep and break a serious sweat, and no one will ever be the wiser.

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