BauBax Travel Shoes

BauBax Travel Shoes

The BauBax Travel Shoes are made from coconut coi, bamboo, merino wool, and natural latex for a comfortable fit that’s still durable.

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If you are an avid traveler you know how important the combination of function and comfort is. Flights, especially long ones, can get uncomfortable quickly. Having a pair of shoes that is soft and cozy yet durable enough for the frantic pace of making your flight at the last second is a must. That’s where the new BauBax Travel Shoes come in. The shoes are designed by the same company that brought you the BauBax Travel Pants.

Since BauBax went back to Kickstarter to crowdfund money for these shoes it has seen over $1 million in investments come in. The shoes are made from coconut coi, bamboo, merino wool and natural latex to give it comfortable and light-weight construction. The wool is also excellent for wicking away moisture while regulating temperature.

The shoes come in 3 styles for both men and women: dressy, breezy, and loungy. Each style also comes in a laced or loafer option. The difference in style accents any outfit perfectly, whether your traveling for business or for pleasure.