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Axo Light Mountain View

Axo Light Mountain View

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You’ve finally got your own space, set it up just the way you like it, with the right furniture and design elements to feel proud of your new pad. However, we bet you probably forgot to consider that final touch to get your new pad to truly shine, literally and figuratively. Lighting is often something that evades most guys, but it can make or break a space. Just because you need to add some illumination to your home doesn’t mean that you need to learn how to layer lighting like a pro. Having one centerpiece that’s both illuminating and interesting can be a good starting point.

So why not start with something like the Axo Light Mountain View above your dining table? Not only does the hand-blown transparent glass add the much needed illumination, perfect for dining or even poker night around the table, the mountain inside the glass — available in amber, grey, or transparent — adds a jovial touch to the lighting fixture. The steep price may scare off some folks, but think of it as an investment that can follow you throughout your various future homes without going out of style.