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Atom Packs Atom+

Atom Packs Presents The Ultra-Versatile Atom+

A flexible, ultralight pack made for the changing terrain and elements of every trail.

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$ 258+

UK-based Atom Packs creates backpacks built to endure thousands of miles of hiking adventures. The original Atom backpack aimed to please ultralight hikers — those who want to bring necessities for the trail without adding too much weight. The Atom Packs Atom+, available in 40 or 50L, is the latest variation of the Atom with an increased torso length, removable hip belt, removable frame, and inserted foam sleeve. These additions make the Atom+ suitable for long thru-hikes with changing terrain and elements. This pack offers the additional space and support needed for water, food, clothing layers, and gear.

Hikers can also strip the Atom Packs Atom+ backpack of the added features, including the carbon hooped frame and hip belt, to lighten the load for day hikes and shorter adventures. Dual shoulder pockets, an easy-access bottom pocket, a large front pocket, and two forward-facing side pockets ensure hikers have the same easy access to supplies as the original Atom. The Atom+ comes in several color variants available on the Atom Packs website. However, the company also welcomes custom orders for packs for hikers who want to add features or choose a one-of-a-kind color scheme.

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