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Chrome Industries 2022 Niko Camera Collection

Chrome Industries Debuts Its 2022 Niko Camera Collection

Products that are durable and ultra-functional for photographers.

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Chrome Industries has just announced its new Niko Camera Collection, a selection of camera bags perfect for the on-the-go photographer. In fact, this new collection was created by virtue of input from veteran photographers, from street, action, to adventure. Chrome has, as a result, upgraded both features and design, giving the entire line a significant upgrade. Typical of the brand’s products, the Niko range is minimalist but incredibly versatile in design. The Niko Collection contains the Camera Backpack 3.0, Camera Sling 3.0, and shoulder and wrist straps.

The Chrome Industries Camera Backpack 3.0 is robust and water-resistant to keep gear organized and protected while allowing quick access to your devices via the side and rear doors to the main compartment. The main compartment has room for a full DSLR with a 70-200mm lens, in addition to a padded laptop sleeve that fits a 15-inch MacBook Pro, and an additional sleeve for your tablet. With customizable dividers on the inside, users can configure the layout of the backpack to suit their specific needs. The Niko Camera Sling 3.0 has also been updated with added organizational options, including fold-out storage pockets and a top zip quick-access opening making it easy to swap out a lens or grab more gear. The Sling 3.0 fits a full DSLR with a 70-200mm lens and also includes fold-out pockets for memory cards or 120/35mm film.

The Niko Camera Shoulder and Wrist Straps are a first for Chrome Industries. They are made to be adjusted easily with a three-bar system and quick-release buckles to interchange between the two. The Shoulder Strap has an adjustable length from 31- to 47-inches and is 1.5-inches wide. The Wrist Strap can be easily swapped out for the shoulder strap with its quick-release side buckles. It has an adjustable length from 10.5- to 15.5-inches, with a strap width of 1-inch.

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