From Con Artist To Custom Timepiece: The Uncatchable Challenge By Artisans de Genève And Frank Abagnale Jr. - IMBOLDN
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Artisans de Genève The Uncatchable Challenge

From Con Artist To Custom Timepiece: The Uncatchable Challenge By Artisans de Genève And Frank Abagnale Jr.

The personalized Rolex® timepiece reflects the spirit of the 1960s and Frank’s eventful life story.

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Artisans de Genève recently revealed their latest masterpiece, The Uncatchable Challenge, based on the Rolex® GMT Master II 116710, which has been transformed into a unique and personalized timepiece for the renowned security expert and former con artist, Frank Abagnale Jr.

Frank Abagnale Jr.’s fascinating life story has been brought to the silver screen in the film Catch Me If You Can, directed by Steven Spielberg. As a teenager, Frank fled from his mundane life to New York City, where he found a way to survive by forging checks, and he soon developed a passion for assuming different roles and identities, including pilot, lawyer, and professor. Frank’s life was full of adventures, but he was eventually caught and imprisoned. However, Frank transformed his unique experiences into a successful career as a security consultant and advisor to the FBI.

For The Uncatchable Challenge, Artisans de Genève was tasked with personalizing Frank’s beloved GMT Master II, which had experienced significant wear and tear over the years. Frank wanted his watch to reflect the spirit of the 1960s and his exciting life story, with particular emphasis on the GMT Master II’s style and elegance.

The Artisans de Genève team put their skills and expertise to work, restoring and customizing the timepiece to Frank’s exact specifications. The bezel insert was made from bakelite, the timer was covered with a luminescent material, and the bezel’s teeth were flattened for a more refined look. The dial was developed in two hues of creme to achieve a natural aging process, and the indexes were hand-painted to complete the desired style.

The timepiece features a signature Artisans de Genève touch with a see-through back, beveled by hand, and a gold 21-carat rotor, with Côtes de Genève decoration. A riveted steel bracelet was also developed specifically for the project, typical of the 1960s. The Uncatchable Challenge is a true testament to Artisans de Genève’s craftsmanship and the perfect representation of Frank’s life story. It’s a one-of-a-kind timepiece that reflects both his unique experiences and his personality, which continue to evolve.

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Artisans de Genève is an independent company specializing in the personalization of timepieces. We are not affiliated with ROLEX SA nor authorized by them to intervene in their products for any reason whatsoever. This personalization was ordered by a customer, who owns a Rolex® timepiece, for his private use. It is an example of our know-how and the personalization services we offer at our customers’ request.