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Artisans De Genève “Caumasee”

Artisans De Genève Presents The ‘Caumasee’ Timepiece, A Personalized Tribute To Serene Skies And Lakes

A personalized masterpiece inspired by the serenity of Lake Caumasee and the enchanting landscapes viewed from above.

Artisans De Genève, the renowned independent watchmaking workshop, has once again demonstrated its exceptional craftsmanship with the creation of the exquisite “Caumasee” timepiece. Commissioned by a passionate hot air balloon enthusiast and watch collector, this personalized watch captures the emotion and beauty experienced during his flights over Lake Caumasee.

The timepiece, based on the Patek Philippe® 5167A model, underwent an intricate customization process to reflect the client’s profound connection with the serene landscapes he witnessed from the sky. The artisans employed a multitude of techniques to convey the client’s emotions and memories.

The 324 caliber movement, the heart of the watch, was meticulously hand-polished and circular-grained to evoke the play of light on the landscape. The plate, representing the vibrant blue of Lake Cauma, was hammered by hand using a rare technique inspired by galuchat skin. Each strike required the craftsman’s delicate touch to enhance the brilliance and strength of the yellow gold, perfectly juxtaposed with the softness of almond blue.

The symphony of colors, a key element of the timepiece, was carefully chosen to replicate the client’s recollection of the changing hues during his flights. The dial, circular-grained by hand, received a PVD Brown treatment to closely match the colors of the Grisons Valley. The gold rotor, skeletonized and intricately finished, added contrast and depth to the openwork movement.

The execution of the “Caumasee” timepiece was a labor of love, with each bridge hand-beveled and circular-grained. The balance bridge, a signature feature, was created from a block of stainless steel and mirror-polished to achieve a stunning brushed finish. The plate underwent meticulous crafting for hours, ensuring its flawless beauty.

This extraordinary timepiece is a testament to Artisans De Genève’s dedication to delivering unparalleled customization and restoration services. It serves as a personal connection for the client, embodying the splendor of his memories and the artistry of the watchmakers. With the “Caumasee” watch, Artisans De Genève continues to redefine the boundaries of horological excellence.

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Please note: Artisans De Genève operates independently and is not affiliated with any watch brands. The showcased work reflects their craftsmanship and has been commissioned by a private customer, holding no contractual value.