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11 OMEGA x Swatch “Mission to Moonshine Gold” Suitcases

Radiant Timepieces And Unique Suitcases: Omega x Swatch’s Mission To Moonshine Gold Auction

Omega is giving back in a big way by donating 100% of the auction proceeds to Orbis International.

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OMEGA and Swatch are taking their “Mission to Moonshine Gold” collection to new heights with a unique auction event that will thrill watch enthusiasts and philanthropists alike. From February 12th to 24th, 11 exclusive OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold Suitcases, each containing all 11 OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold timepieces, will be auctioned through Sotheby’s. This extraordinary collection of watches received a radiant twist in 2023, with each timepiece featuring a seconds hand coated in 18K Moonshine™ Gold, a unique alloy developed by OMEGA.

What makes this auction even more special is that it’s the first time these rare models are offered together in one set, and it includes the opportunity to own a bespoke suitcase. What’s more, 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to Orbis International, a long-term partner of OMEGA, dedicated to fighting avoidable blindness and vision loss worldwide.

Before the auction concludes on February 24th, the 11 “Mission to Moonshine Gold” suitcases will be on display at 11 OMEGA Boutiques across the globe from February 1st to 11th, including Boutiques in Zurich, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney. It’s a chance for enthusiasts to get up close and personal with this exceptional collection.

The suitcases themselves are truly special, featuring a golden monocle with the OMEGA x Swatch logo and a one-of-a-kind coin engraved with the aviation code of the displayed city. This code is also engraved on the watches within the suitcase, making each set a unique collector’s item.

This event is not just about luxury timepieces; it’s a mission to make a difference. OMEGA’s ongoing support for Orbis International underscores the brand’s commitment to the cause, making this auction a significant moment in the world of horology and philanthropy. So, mark your calendars for February 12th, and get ready to embark on a space-inspired journey through the world of OMEGA x Swatch.

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