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SWATCH Year of the Dragon Collection

Embrace Your Inner Dragon With Swatch’s Year of the Dragon Collection

A collection that’s as bold and vibrant as the mythical creature itself.

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Swatch is set to ignite the Year of the Dragon with a bold and vibrant new collection of watches that pay homage to the iconic neon colors of Asian city streetlights and signs. The Year of the Dragon Collection, comprising five signature models, embodies the power, strength, and good luck associated with the dragon.

For those born under the sign of the dragon, characterized by charisma, intelligence, and confidence, Swatch believes that there’s a dragon in all of us. This collection is an invitation to express your inner dragon and find the perfect accessory for celebrations or as a unique gift.

One standout piece from Swatch’s Year of the Dragon Collection is the “DRAGON IN CLOUD” from the BIG BOLD series, boasting bio-sourced materials for the case and glass. Its unique color scheme symbolizes purity and virtuosity in a statement-making timepiece.

The “DRAGON IN WIND PAY!” from the NEW GENT series combines classic style with modern functionality. This slim watch is perfect for parties and features bio-sourced materials, SwatchPAY! technology for secure payments, and eye-catching dragon graphics.

For those with smaller wrists, the “DRAGON IN WAVES” in deep blue offers a harmonious design with bio-sourced materials and dragon graphics that symbolize peace and harmony.

“DRAGON IN MOTION” in vibrant red and gold tones, part of the IRONY CHRONO series, is a celebration of classic style with a contemporary twist. Lastly, the “DRAGON IN GOLD” from the SKIN IRONY series shines brightly in gold tones. It features a subtle dragon print with luminous hands that glow in the dark, embodying prosperity, wisdom, and new beginnings.

The Year of the Dragon Collection, available in Swatch stores worldwide and online from now, is presented in cube-shaped packaging mirroring the watch designs, making it the perfect gift or party accessory that reminds us all that there’s a dragon within each of us. So, whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a unique gift, Swatch’s Year of the Dragon Collection has you covered.

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