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Swatch x Basquiat

Swatch x Basquiat: Wearable Art For The Modern Man

These extraordinary timepieces bring wearable works of art straight from the finest art institutions and museums to your wrist.

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Swatch, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, is teaming up with the legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat to bring street art edge to your style. In their latest collaboration, Swatch x Basquiat, they present a collection of three watches that showcase the masterpieces of Basquiat himself.

As part of the Swatch Art Journey, these watches offer wearable works of art, taking inspiration from some of the most iconic pieces by Basquiat. Each watch features continuous prints and designs that pay homage to the original artwork. The first timepiece in the collection, “Hollywood Africans by JM Basquiat,” displays Basquiat’s famous work across the dial, case, and strap. With crossed-out words and faces from the painting, the front of the watch creates a striking contrast with its bright turquoise back and printed loop showcasing the artist’s name.

Next, “Ishtar by Jean-Michel Basquiat” interprets Basquiat’s work with a black printed dial, including numerals and text that are exact reproductions of the original artwork. The continuous prints of faces from the artwork against a turquoise background on the case and strap add a captivating visual element.

Finally, “Untitled by Jean-Michel Basquiat” reproduces the artist’s work with the crown as the central element on the dial, framed by a sleek black case. The printed strap recreates the textural juxtapositions and oil-stick scribbles characteristic of Basquiat’s style, perfectly complemented by the black underside of the strap.

These watches not only offer impeccable craftsmanship and quality but also provide a unique opportunity to wear and appreciate the art of Basquiat on your wrist. With their bold designs and artistic flair, the Swatch x Basquiat collection is set to captivate art enthusiasts and watch aficionados alike. Experience the fusion of art and horology with these remarkable timepieces that celebrate the enduring legacy of Jean-Michel Basquiat. All watches are priced at $105 and are available on the Swatch website.

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