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Amonito Is An All-In-One Lightweight Guitar Amp

Two versions of the amp will be available: a carbon one that weighs in at an estimated 12 lbs. and the other in aluminum is estimated to be around 17 lbs.

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$ 2,000+

Performing musicians who want better and consistently reliable sound from their stage monitors will prefer equipment that weighs as little as possible while still meeting a professional guitarist’s exacting audio specifications. Coming to a Kickstarter crowdfunding page at a date still unspecified by its developers, Amonito is a new guitar amplifier that bills itself as the lightest available. It employs a high voltage circuit powering two vacuum tubes for a warm, high-quality sound via the neodymium speaker.

The electronics enable the 300V-powered amp to adapt to changing audio conditions in milliseconds, such as when the user switches from one preset to another. Reduced latency is essential for live performance, especially when the guitarist is adjusting an amp’s parameters on the fly. Built-in effects include delay, chorus, and reverb, created with digital signal processing. The developers estimate the production model will measure approximately 22.8-inches x 18.5-inches x 6.3-inches and weigh about 17 pounds. The lightweight is attributed to the carbon fiber design, which is a highly durable, low-mass material. To get an idea of the amp’s precision and durability, its parameter control knob has 480 steps per revolution (for very fine-tuning of settings). The knob is built to revolve 1 million times over its lifetime, meaning it should work for many years under normal use.

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