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New 2023 Zero DSR/X Is An Electric Adventure Bike Designed For Street And Dirt

An electric bike that can handle the scenic route and the dusty trail.

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$ 24,495+

Zero Motorcycles unveiled its 2023 model year lineup, starting with the new Zero DRS/X. This dual-purpose adventure electric motorcycle is based on the same platform as the Zero SR/F and SR/S but is stretched and reinforced with increased battery capacity and motor torque.

The goal for the Zero DRS/X is an electric bike that can handle twisty scenic roads to reach rugged off-road trails. The necessary performance for off-roading comes from its ZF75-10 motor with new copper windings to increase its total torque output to 166 lb.-ft and a top speed of 112 mph. The bike’s motor is powered by a Z-Force 17.3-kWh battery pack offering a range of 180 miles in the city, 85 miles on the highway, and a real-world estimate of 155 to 200 off-road, depending on the rider’s aggression.

The bike’s adjustable Showa suspension offers eight inches of travel. Another performance upgrade on the DRS/X is a larger Gates belt width from 20mm to 25mm with a high-strength core. As a result, Zero claims the DRS/X belt drive is over twice as strong as the Zero SR/F and SR/S.

In addition, this electric bike uses Bosch’s advanced Motorcycle Stability Controls (MSC) system, suitable for off-road use. This MSC system works to keep both wheels down and on the ground. In addition, Bosch’s combined braking system can apply braking to the rear wheel when the rider relies too much on the front brakes. Moreover, the 2023 Zero DRS/X features new ride modes like canyon, off-road, and a reverse mode.

The bike’s ergonomics and modified saddle allow the rider to sit in it rather than on it. In addition, the electric motorcycle offers three different storage compartments for riders to carry a weekend’s worth of adventure supplies. Best of all, there is no wait time for the 2023 Zero DSR/X – it is available now.

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Zero Motorcycles DSR/X

$ 24,495+
  • Motor: ZF75-10
  • Battery Pack: 17.3-kWh
  • Torque: 166 lb.-ft
  • wEIGHT: 544 lbs.