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Vuze 3D 360 VR Camera

Lightweight and compact 360 VR camera that can capture your everyday adventures for you to relive later.

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With the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive spearheading the VR revolution of 2016, our attention turns not only to the consumption of VR content, but also to the creation of it as well. Devices like the Gear VR are making virtual reality even more approachable than ever before, but we’re still limited in terms of devices that we can use to create content. There are add-ons like the Vitrima Lens that turn your existing GoPro into a 3D camera, but it still doesn’t offer the complete package.

The Vuze is a dedicated 360 camera that is made for VR, perfect for fully capturing any moment in 360 degrees and reliving it in VR through your video. To minimize the screen door effect that plagues lower end VR devices, the Vuze captures VR video in 4K. It’s compact and lightweight design should also be just the right size to carry every day. It also comes in a complete package, with a VR headset, mini tripod, plus the Vuze app and Vuze Studio to edit and enjoy your VR content.