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Vollebak Wooden T Shirt

Vollebak Debuts Its Wooden T Shirt

The T Shirt isn’t just printed with wood, it’s made from it too.

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$ 125

Vollebak has a long history of making clothing from natural elements, but the new Vollebak Wooden T Shirt is the first to be printed and made from recycled wood and plant-based materials. With a minimal environmental impact, this unique t-shirt, made from natural, recycled materials, is a breakthrough in sustainable design. Created to be comfortable and sustainable, this innovative t-shirt design will quickly become a favorite to wear day in and day out.

Cycling through various plant-based clothing options, Vollebak has experimented with textiles made of blueberries, raw hemp, algae, nettles, and even turnips. The clothing company can now proudly add wood as a textile source. The Vollebak Wooden T Shirt is made from pulped eucalyptus and seaweed. The shirt material was crafted in Portugal and contains 75% lyocell, 19% SeaCell, and 6% compostable elastane. Vollebak took the sustainable manufacturing process one step further and used black ink made entirely from wood waste to print the t-shirts. Research and design have spent more than 20 years developing this carbon-negative ink, and today it is safe enough to even use in a vegetable garden. Although designed with wood, the t-shirt is soft and stretchy, featuring a 4-way stretch component. The shirt is of average weight, so it feels just like wearing a regular cotton t-shirt.

The 100% wood t-shirt from Vollebak is machine washable and is available online for $125. The Vollebak Wooden T Shirt is only available in black, from sizes XS to XXL.

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